Seasonal Update

Spring 2021

Greetings MERA Patrons-

COVID-19 precautions are in place throughout MERA and our community. Please protect yourself and others by practicing social distancing and following current guidelines.

The next MERA Advisory Committee meeting set for May 4 via ZOOM.  Notice will be posted on the Union County Website in the Public Notice section, .

Planning for forest management operations on MERA are in process and guided by the MERA Forest Management Plan developed by Society of American Foresters. Improved forest health and fire resiliency are the goals of planned management activities. Timber marking is currently taking place in the area south of Igo Lane and the Igo Extension trail 409. No bids were received when requested last summer. We will put out to bid again this summer in anticipation of the project being carried out this coming winter. Forest management is an agenda item on our upcoming May 4 meeting. Please join us and engage the process.

Motorized trail 201 Mainline is closed until further notice for logging operations. The route may stay close into June 2021, when work is complete. The operation is creating a firebreak along the entirety of 201 to proactively help in case of wildfire event. Sorry for the inconvenience and look forward to having this trail back on line.

Any questions or concerns, please contact me. Have a great season!                         

Sean Chambers

Parks Coordinator

Union County



Eric Valentine                                      


Eric Valentine                                      

Eric Valentine                                      

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