Seasonal Update

Fall 2019

Greetings MERA Patrons-

Fall is in the air and it is a great time to utilize MERA. Fire danger is on the decline but there still is potential for wildfire.

The Union Interageny Hotshots fire crew thinned vegetation and stacked slash into piles this spring along the eastern property line from Igo Lane to the northern fence boundary. Later this fall after snow is on the ground piles will be burned creating a fuel break along the eastern boundary from which to control fire.

Additionally there was 130 acres on the upper slope treated with a mechanized slash masticator to thin the area improving tree vigor and health while also improving fire resiliency.

Motorcycle trails 306 Dead Bull and 319 North Knob have been extended this summer making for a nice stacked loop option on the north end of MERA. Equestrian efforts have developed a short connector off of the NE end of the MERA Loop that creates optional routes, route has yet to be posted or named so keep your eyes peeled.  The Parent Trap trail near Owsley trailhead has been improved and signs are in place, great beginner trail.  The Grande Ronde Rappellers have extended a section of trail this summer that will connect midslope to Caffeine that will make for optional routes as well.

Eagle Scout Kaleb Myer built 3 picnic tables for his final project. Very well constructed tables that are located 1 above Parent Trap, 1 at intersection of MERA Loop and Sasquatch, and 1 at the Motocross area. Thank you Kaleb!

Please be aware of overnight freezing temperatures that can result in soft muddy soil conditions, best to stay off until things firm up. Thanks for your support and we will see you on the trails.

Sean Chambers

Parks Coordinator

Union County