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Archery Range

The Grande Ronde Bowmen have operated an archery range on the face of Mt. Emily for many years.  The GRB are currently in the midst of an expansion of the existing range to almost 100 acres.  The plan is to have 4 ranges of 28 targets each.  GRB have currently expanded the parking area, built a beautiful 80 yard practice area and greatly improved the current courses!  

The club is funded by memberships and the seven archery shoots that it puts on during the year.

Club Memberships can be purchased at:

  • Ace Hardware    541-605-0152

  • Alpine Archery   541-963-4671

  • Ben's Archery    541-963-5871


  • Individual Membership      Calendar Year 2018     - $40.00

  • Family Membership           Calendar Year 2018     - $55.00

    • includes both parents and all youth at home under 19

Targets are not open to the general public, members only. Non-motorized access through the archery range is allowed via two trails bisecting the property, 604 Archery Range and 725 Upper Hotshot. These routes are safe from archers as the course layout shoots away from trails and uses the hillside as a secondary backstop for arrows. During scheduled shoot events these trails will be signed and closed. The entire 100 acre range is fenced and signed along the entirety of the fence line.  Be aware of your surroundings.

See the events page for current scheduled tournament shoots.

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