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Red Apple Forest Improvement Project


Phase I of the Red Apple Forest Improvement Project (RAFIP) has been completed. Due to unideal conditions and concerns regarding impacts to MERA’s culturally important areas Phase II had been on hold since winter of 2022. After assessment and consultation with the involved parties we can proceed forward with Phase II. Phase II of the project will begin the 2nd day of January, 2024. Below is information regarding timelines and closures.


Timeline for RAFIP (Weather Dependent)

  • January/February 2024: Fuels reduction via selective thinning and log hauling. Expect closures of trails in the project area, and closure of the Owsley Canyon Trailhead.

  • Spring 2024: Assessment of trails and begin repairing damaged sections as weather and funding allows.

  • Summer 2024: Removal of slash piles that are accessible with a chipper and truck.   

  • Winter 2024/2025: Burn all remaining slash piles.

  • Spring 2025: Seed impacted areas, and monitor/ continue weed management.


There are no closures associated with the RAFIP as of 4/18/24 

Josh Ford

Union County Parks Coordinator


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