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Not all expenses associated with MERA are eligible for reimbursement through grant programs. Grant programs also require that you match their programs with a minimum of 20% of the total project cost. The MERA Department will always experience labor and financial short comings and that is where your donations help to keep the program moving forward.

Whether you’re a local trail user or local business, we’d love to have you involved! We’ll never turn down your monetary donations, but we know not everyone has an overflowing wallet. Some of you have time, some of you have materials. Some of you have expertise. Digging in the dirt is not the only way to get involved


Here’s what we need:

  • Dirt: The motocross track will forever need quality topsoil.

  • Gravel: For trail repairs and surfacing double track all weather routes.

  • Materials: Culverts, lumber, signage, herbicide, etc… Trail maintenance and weed patrol will always be a necessity.

  • Tools: McLeods, Polaskis, shovels, grub hoes, rakes, backpack sprayers. We’ll take ’em!

  • Swag: We’ve got work parties and volunteers to recognize. We need prizes and awards!

  • Food and drink: We need to feed these people!

  • Cash donations: For shortcomings in the above mentioned and for non-grant funded expenditures.

  • Other: Do you have a skill that may benefit the MERA program? Website design and the mapping of MERA are examples of efforts that have been volunteered to MERA. Your time can be counted as cash match for some grant funding.


Please contact Sean to make your tax-deductible supply donation. Thank you!


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